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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 1099-MISC vs. Forms 1099a

Instructions and Help about Form 1099-MISC vs. Forms 1099a

Good morning, chosen few. Those of you who are still hanging around, uh, thanks for coming back. Uh, here's the deal. Uh, I've touched on some things in the past and briefly spoke about them. And, uh, today, I want to talk about, uh, one of the things that I'd mentioned. Uh, one of you out there, I'm not gonna mention any names, but actually quite a few, suggested that I maybe do a little video on this. Uh, and my intention was to do this, uh, but I wanted to shake off the unchosen. If you're watching this video, then you are one of the chosen, or you're police, and that's okay. You're chosen to be here too. Uh, you need to hear what's going on. You can't stop it, but you need to hear it anyway. So, like I say, man, anybody, any of this information I'm putting out here, if you can prove it wrong, prove it wrong, man. Uh, send me a video proving it wrong, and I'll put it on this channel. Uh, but prove it. So, the information I'm gonna share today, I didn't want to share to the general viewer, only those that could stick around long enough. Because using this in the wrong way, in a greedy type way, doesn't ever go over too well. You need to use it conservatively. You need to use it wisely. And that is the 1099-a acquisition or abandonment of secured property. The other one is the 1099c, which is cancellation of debt. That's what I want to go over today, folks. This may be a long video. I don't know. It depends on how much I get into. But the man that turned me on to this, I'm not gonna mention any names, but he...